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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Big news!!!!

aahhh!!!! here is a VERY cheesy picture of me and Tim moments after he proposed last thursday! wish we'd managed to take a better picture (i look like i've got well short hair when in actual fact it's the longest i've ever had it!!!) but never mind! we shall be wed at the start of next year... it's my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary at the beginning of january so we're looking at the end of the month, the beginning of feb! It's very exciting, and it's great experiencing people's reactions to the news! I just pray our lives would continue to reflect Him as we prepare for life together!

the other big news is that i am finally starting The Job! The one i applied for in january, nearly didn't bother interviewing for coz they were soo ridiculously slow but got given mid-end april. I shall finally start it on the 1st of august!!! it's been a ridiculous time really, but whilst i've been waiting i've been gaining invaluable experience working as a special needs teaching assistant with an agency mainly at one school in Rotherham. It has NOT been the easiest time, and some days especially during the last 5 weeks, when i have been with the same particularly challenging group of young teenage boys, i have felt ABSOLUTELY exhausted, wanting just to curl up and cry at the end of the day (and in fact did on occasion)! It has been a priveledge and i've one week left to go, part of me will miss the boys i've been working with but another part will be relieved for that 'door' to close! I'm looking forward to this next chapter... (oo i forgot to say, my new job is as a Residential Support Worker in a respite -short breaks- home for children with learning disabilities)

for your delight and chuckles there are a few photos below from my 'clashing clothes' birthday party, i inflicted great embarrassment upon my friends by requesting they go out for a night on the town (a bar and then onto a funky music night called Lights down Low) dressed as ridiculously as possible... it was really fun and actually quite liberating, we got quite a few funny looks but felt so free and thought how boring everyone else looked!!! waa haa!!!

hope all is well in your worlds, i'll endeavour to not leave it so long between blogs!!!
oodles of love
me xxx


Blogger saintlaurence said...

that's really good good news!
you both look so happy!
big soultime love from
gem xx

1:31 AM

Blogger Kt said...

Hey congrats to you both. Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye, before I flew off back to the south, but hope the engagement goes well.

12:09 PM


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