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Monday, February 13, 2006

me and him...

well hello everybody, it's been a while!!! and as you can see i'm doing well!!! this is me with my fella, Tim, we've been going out for a month and it's all great fun! for those of you who don't know him (quite a lot of you), i know him from my university days! Just to fill you in, he's 26, a landscape archictect (lots of gardening!), a funky DJ and a fairtrade/justice freak!
no news on the job front yet, applying and waiting, and i'm now on the dole, which threw me at first but now i've come to see it as just the most amazing blessing of how i am being provided for!! in ecuador without a job, i'd be on the street just trying to make ends meet, no chance of following your desired career path - makes you realise JUST how blessed we are over here!!! and wonderfully my days aren't filled with boredom as i'm going into the children's work office at church a couple of days a week and just serving them doing all sorts of admin type stuff which is really great for me and for them!!! so i am managing to keep out of mischief, just!!!
at the mo, i'm very much looking forward to a SPEAK ( weekend conference at the end of the month, a chance to get active with my campaigning again and go 'raaahhh' at David Blunkett my MP (which actually is more than a little scary!!! ooo!!)... i really missed that side of life whilst in Ecuador, so yippee!!!
so that's me, i'm good, God is GREAT, keep watching this space!!!
oodles of love
me xxxxxx


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