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Monday, August 22, 2005

Lack of sleep!

Well hello and welcome to some more jo waffle!! So here’s what’s happened this week in the life of jo!

Off to camp
Monday I found out that yes, the people-what-say-in-Remar, wanted me to go on camp! So wednesday I left my house laden with sleeping bag and clothes to head off to camp!! We spent 3 days in a wee ‘finca’ (sort of country holding thingy, can’t think of the exact word in English, but you get what I mean right?!) about an 1 ½ north of quito, where it was pretty cold and where the loss of my beautiful red snow jacket was keenly felt!!!
We were 80 in all, some 67 kiddies!!! Aahhhhhhh!!! No it was fine, and not as crazy as one might think!! It was arranged by the social workers that work with Remar and the edu pscychologist… but to be honest I was abit disappointed for the kids… there were 2 lasses, trainee social workers, and they’d supposedly arranged a programme of activities, which never really seemed to materalise! Hmmm!! But we had a good time… I was ‘put in charge of’ the teenagers, some 33 but thankfully it didn’t work out that I had to entertain them all, phew!!! But man, teenagers are a special bunch, I really admire youth workers!!! but I think they enjoyed themselves! We were generally hanging around the site, playing volley, walking around or whatever but on thursday morning, we took an outing to Las Cascadas de Peguche (Peguche Waterfalls) and the water was FREEZING!! But the kids quite happily got in and soaked themselves, and didn’t seem to be too fussed to find themselves shivering uncontrollably! I just went in up to my shins, there was NO WAY I was going to put on my swimmers!! Despite the cold, they really seemed to enjoy it! SO although when I compared the camp to the ones I’ve done with CCHF (innercity London kids) it paled in comparison, the kids did enjoy themselves –especially all the sweet things they got stuffed with!! And I enjoyed myself too, but it’s weird well, I felt like I’d been away for AGES!! Wonder if that was cos of the tiredness?
Oo funny moment, on the way back from the waterfalls, they gave us a lolly and Maria Alexandra who was sat on my lap (6yrs) and was misbehaving so I threatened to give her a ‘chupetaso’ (wack of the head with my lollipop), she said oh no tia, alla come piojos (there you’ll eat nits!!), I burst out laughing!! It was just sooo funny that she was making a joke about her nits! Is that funny, or is it just me??

So I got home late fri afternoon and had just enough time to do my washing before heading out to a girly sleepover of the gels in my church! We had a great time but I was falling asleep all evening, then when finally we turned out the lights at 3.30am having watched 13 to 30 (with the Alias woman, which I found well funny, which the gels found funny! Don’t you just love cheese! - hmm. ) I just couldn’t sleep for all my tiredness – well it wasn’t helped by the heavy breathers! The rest of sat was spent hanging out, chatting, eating and trying to fight off the sleep until the evening when we had a goodbye gathering for 2 brothers who on wednesday fly to Canada to live and continue their studies! I finally got home at 11pm, totally falling asleep and crawled into bed for some much awaited (and much needed) shut-eye!

Other news: cards are plodding along, we’re not gonna make the 1000 but that’s partly coz they don’t want to buy any more card, so there’s not much I can do about that!! My time here is slip, slip, slipping away! Aahhhh!!! ‘Everyone’s’ saying don’t go, stay, but I know my time is up --- there’s only one that knows if I’ll ever come back!
Keep wells me xxx


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