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Saturday, July 09, 2005

bit of everything

well, what a week it's been! i don't know where to start!

paint update
well the plan was to finish the wall paintings today, but it ended up being just me and mari-ester - we didn't even finish one, but it IS looking well good! so tati has said to finish it with the other volunteers, and i've a great idea for the outside!! watch this space! mon/tues and bit of wednesday/thurs i spent painting the outside, the green has turned out to be somewhat psychadelic, but it's 100x better than what it was before!! the outside is now ready for stg 2 ' decoration!'

man, yesterday, i had my worst male chauvinism moment yet, that left me utterly indignant! i was on a packed 'Ecovia' (a sort of bus), and just felt really uneasy about a particular guy behind me... i thought i felt my hair being touched, but decided it could just have been his cap moving by accident... but then, as he got off for his stop, he PINCHED BY BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! i was so indignant, i shouted 'oiga' (which means sort of 'well, look here') and gave him a slap on the back - as you all know that was quite something for me to do as i'm not an aggressive person - it was just SOOO rude! and what made it even worse was that no-one else on the ecovia paid the slightest bit of attention to my plight - i left at the next stop virtually fuming at the sheer lack of respect and cowardice of that man......arrrghhhhh!!! otherwise this week, i got a 'hey you'... this i WILL NOT miss!

man i feel i've missed out on so much this week - was keeping up with the LIVE8 on the internet and all the campaigning surrounding the G8 in scotland...then i heard on the radio 'Coldplay's new song, and just felt so out of touch with home!! but the great thing about Coldplay is that they carry you right back to england when you hear the beautiful whines of Mr Martin - there's something very quintessentially english about their sound, i can't put my finger on it, but i reminds of home!

toilet duty
monday afternoon tati roped us (as volunteers) into maning the loos at a big precaher event held in the olimpic stadium... remar had been given the opportunity to be responsible for the loos which also meant the 10cents charged came to us too -amazingly with 2 nights, they raised $600!!!!woo woo... it was very cold work though, and we didn't stay all the time, but during the time i was there i got almost frozen to the bone, which wasn't good for my cold!

other bits
wednesday night i went to see some live jazz in a square in the historics centre, as the suggestion of a fellow volunteer from canada... so we met up there, and i met a whole bunch of the other people from his volunterring organisation all working in different projects. it was a concvert of about an hour and a half, out in the open air, and it rocked!!! not that i actually know much about jazzmusic, but i enjoyed it, and thought the guesting guitarist and flautist particularly awesome!!
i've been put somewhat dubiously in charge of the other volunteers in remar, which is a little hard - i don't really want to be 'in charge' but hey ho...though it's alright at the mo as there's plenty of practical stuff to do. oo comedy thing, there's a bunch of guys from oregon supposedly finishing the outside washing unit, and they keep going on a out how cool my accent is! what accent i say!!! and we're also noticing differences between our englishes, for example i taught them 'swish' and 'nick' (as in to nick something) - which is quite amusing! also one guy said that he loves 'Hyacinth Bucket' - remember her? He find s it utterly hilarious! Hyacinth, the great British export! hmmm... hee hee
yesterday i had a few slices of what i believe is the worlds biggest pizza!! it was huge!!! like over 15" big!! humongous!!

so school is now offically out for the summer... wednesday we had a 'party' in whichh the fourth graders said goodbye to the fifth graders, then on thursday, we had the offical end of year ceremony which was quite sweet, and i gotquite emotional when me gels did a dance in front of everyone! i was so proud! it'll be weird not to have school for the next almost 2 months!! have to think of things to do with the kids, so that they aren't bored/ don't get up to mischief as thye're wont to do!!

oo time i running out, just to let you know, i'm off to BOlivia this week for 9 days, so there won't be an update i don't reckon for a little while! but don'y you worry i'll be back with a vengange to waffle away!
oodles of love xxx


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