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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Paint splattered...

well, this week has well and truly been a week of painting!! everyday!!! though today was the most exciting!! some 'youth' from my church came to help me paint murals in the nursery, which was really good but we're only about half way through!!! we were late getting started coz of a few setbacks , so i reckon we actually did quite well! so far all that's finished is a winnie pooh, a roo, and started are clouds, eeyore, dora the explora (emmie!!), and a ABC mural designed by yours truly!! reckon we'll need to draw a few more things too! i'm well pleased with how its turning out, and everyone seems to like the colours i've chosen!!! ceci said it's Jo in Changing Rooms! now maybe there's a future career for me??!! hmmm....

schools out...
almost.... next thursday is the offical last day and we're having a special end of year ceremony, which means my english classes have been somewhat disrupted this week coz of rehearsals! which has been somewhat frustrating, but the most frustrating thing is that i'd planned my ''fun'' last classes for next week and there's no ounce of lesson time at all for any subject - grrr, and they were going to be good too! grr :) ... though i must say it'll be nice to have a break from teaching, it does grind one down at times when your students are so unenthusiastic!! that said, sweet moment, one afternoon, mayra 'cornered' me and got me to play english teachers (!!!) - she tested me and i her - and she's remembered an awful lot - but then she is in 5th grade! but that was encouraging!!

youth time...
it's been really cool to spend time with my ecua chums!!! feel very blessed to know them and to be accepted wholeheartedly by them!! last sunday we had a movie evening and watched 'Collatoral' - what a bizarre movie... and gee, a grey tom cruise!! he always did like to get himself a running scene in each movie he does! and i was well pleased my chums agreed to help me paint in remar, and they're up for finishing off next sat too! tomorrow we're off for a picnic which will be really lovely!

ooo yesterday we had some more tremors... nothing big, i don't think i would've realised what they were if someone hadn't said, it just doesn't seem to register in my brain!! and it felt rather how one's feels when one lives near a railway line, and a train goes past - weird!!!
oo some VERY english weather this week - freezing cold!! apparently got down to 1oC which is VERY unusual for here, and the snow on the volcanoes has sneaked further down their sides! this is the kind of weather i need in my last few weeks, so that the shock of abit of autumn then winter when i get back won't be so hard!!?

well we seem to be having a spate of escapings of the teenage girls which is rather upsetting. Mitizi ran off a few weeks back, but we've had contact from her which is encouraging, though we'd obviously prefer she'd come back - she's been in remar 3 years, so her escape is all the more keenly felt! also Olivia has done a runner - we think it's tied up with some young fella, it's such a shame coz she's obviously left school (in exam time!) and we don't know how/where she is... then Jessica also escaped back to the prison with her mum, so although we know where she is, if she's in prison, she can't continue with her schooling... argghhhh!!! this sort of thing is part and parcel of this kind of work, but each time it happens, it is shocking, disappointing, heart-breaking - but God is bigger!

so there's a wee quick blurb of my week! not got much time as i'm writing this online as the home compu is broken! hope you're all REALLY well, and enjoying good summer weather wherever you happen to be reading this! oodles of love xxxxxxxx
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Blogger Emmie said...

Dora the Explorer!!! Wow! I'd forgotten about her!
The photos are great, Jo, and la nina is so precious and cute and sweet!
Lots of love,
Emma XXX

6:25 AM


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