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Saturday, April 30, 2005

6 months down!!

well after the political turmoil of the past few weeks, this week has seemed quite boring!! I don’t feel there’s much to say at all! oo but news of the country, is that the coast is suffering not only from floods but also from an epidemic of dengue fever!!!

The new president
So, Alfredo Palacio is our new president, he seems to be doing ok at the moment, shuffling round his ‘cabinet’, changing minister’s… though some people still aren’t happy with him!! We’ll just have to wait and see if he turns out to be like the rest… oo interesting thing I heard on the radio, they were talking about how it would be to have a female president – in this country I reckon it would be nigh on impossible that a woman would be voted in, they’re so machismo!

Oh dear, officially a teacher!!
Hmm… turned up on wednesday to find out I had to go to a teacher training course with the head of education for the province of quito. Normally just the headteacher and a teacher have to go, but in our case the head of edu asked for all the teachers from the Remar school to go – so I went too!!! Three days of 4 ½ hours of being talked at has left me completely exhausted!! It’s tiring enough having morning’s of lectures in English but in another language, you have to concerntrate, and hard!! It was interesting though some of it felt abit pointless – felt abit out of my depth with proper teacher’s surrounding me i.e. who’ve actually had training in a university to do what they do!!! Hmmmmm…. Good for my Spanish though!
Coz of this training, just gave 4 lessons this week, and saw an improvement in the behaviour of cuarto and cinto – or at least it felt easier! Sweet moment when anne and I entered the classroom of tercero, 2 girls bounced up and down saying ‘nos toca ingles, nos toca ingles’ – 'it’s our turn for English', so that was encouraging!!

Other news in Remar
I really haven’t a clue where the week’s gone in terms of Remar…I know I’ve done some card preparation, some lessons prep but other than that, it seems a blur!!! But good news, the wee baby that was ‘abandoned’, spent the week in hospital where they operated on the growth, which just turned out to be some kind of fat deposit (phew!) and she came home thursday… the lady who left her, came back, with another child… this time saying it was her sister who had left them (though tati is waiting for her to say that she’s really the mum…)… but anyway she’s now living in Remar too… we’ll wait and see what happens! But the baby is doing well! yeah!

Short and sweet this week…21days till my family arrive on Ecuadorian soil!
Oodles of love Me x

p.s. oo just had my hair cut!!! first time here!! i'm now sporting a lot of curls!!! doubt it'll last long though, i'm sure you all know what i'm like with not being bothered with my hair!! and when i arrive at reamr at 8am in the morning, it's not like i'm going to be wanting to spending ages sorting my hair! chao x


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