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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

NEWS FLASH - President's 'gone'

just a wee update...

things been getting really ugly here - first death last night as the result of the people protesting - a chilean newsreporter died from inhaling too much gas at the march last night (oo too which i went!!!)and a second person today. The situation has been worsening terribly - people have been outside the Congress and in the historic centre trying to get to the President's palace all day - with violent clashes between protester's and police...but then at 1.30pm, El Congreso - the congress - announced that they had voted that Lucio has to go! Praise the Lord! It was all getting abit hairy, and although not all is sorted now, things are looking up at last for ecuador!

check out the beeb for an overall blurb on the situ!

P.S. don't worry, i'm safe!!! and i was fine on the march.. more news to follow!


Blogger James said...

Sounds like you are having a whale of a time!!! Been following the BBC news and praying for Ecuador. It's often hard from the websites to work out what is best for the people, as the focus tends to be the international community so looking forward to some more 'inside' information!

7:13 AM


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