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Monday, February 14, 2005

more photos!

here is a link to see what "guava" a.k.a. Inga bean (cotton wool fruit) looks like

and this if you scroll down will lead you to a picture of 'taxo' (gooseberry fruit taste)
or check out this one... acrobat needed...

and i've added some more photos to my yahoo photos, so have a squizz... then click on the ''Ecuador'' folder...

first, a picture to show i'm not afraid to make a fool of myself - taken at the christmas party.
2nd - Maribel, one of the gels in Remar, sometimes helps me make cards in the afternoons after school
3rd - Father Christmas (24th Dec 2004) at the Remar Christmas Fiesta
4th - me!! taking a picture of myself, oo how vain!! :)
5th - Clare, Jules and Bev, posing with the 'Año Viejos' 31st Dec 2004
6th - on the beach 1st January 2005, Atacames....
7th - the Columbian border
8th - Carnaval, just before i got soaked L-R round the table = Pattie, Eduardo, Eduardo, Andrea, Pepe, Marilou, Anita, Armando, Paquita.


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