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Monday, January 24, 2005

oops forgot to add the photo!

here's what guanabana looks like
(fraid you'll just have to touch the link, it won't let me put the picture on! grrr!!!)

oo summat a meant to say, people have thought i am canadian, german and french ....hmmm. the one i most prefer is canadian but der, i'm english! OO comedy moment the other day, i've taken to going to a resturant called 'Fruteria Montserrat' nearly every friday lunch (just a min from Remar), and they're reckonising me now... anyways this waitress came and gave me my order and asked if i was from USA... i said NO, england... she said 'do you speak english?' (der!!! we invented english!!)... i said 'yes'... she said 'Alot?'... slightly stunned i said yes again! then she asked if i gave lessons to which i replied no, but that's by the by, the funny thing was somebody questioning whether we spoke English in England!!!

out of the mouth of babes
more funny stuff the kids have said to me... i have had children say i have a nose like pinochio several times!!! it's enough to give a girl a complex! though a lovely comment was 'you have nice hands'.... not so lovely... why are your eyes like that? (refering to the reddish, purplish colouring under my eyes!)... most forward question "are you divorced or married?" ... it was kinda shocking that those were the two options the boy came up with!!

that's it... ooo it's monday now and those pesky students are at it again causing havoc... eyes steaming and stinging as i left remar from the teargas, and there was a man filming the scene, so maybe i'll be on national TV tonite?!!! xx


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