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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Tarjetas, tear gas and tamales!

well, what a week!! only spent 2 and half days at remar! let me explain....
I didn't go in on wednesday coz with Maria (my mentor) Beverley and I are trying to develop a card-making business for the older girls... to give them a skill...more about that later... Thursday i went in but had to leave at lunchtime.... you see whenever there is political unrest, the students get out and demonstrate, throwing rocks and the like, the police use tear gas to subdue them - don't worry i wasn't involved in any demonstrating!! - Remar is right next door to the University, therefore the wind blows the gas our way! There have just elections here and the students don't like the results hence the demonstrating... somewhere between 12 and 12.30pm, i was with the ickle kids (5/6years - can't understand a word they say!!) and there were just going outside to play, i was standing by the door and suddenly my eyes and throat started hurting and ,my eyes watering - the teacher hurriedly called the kids in doors, and we recovered! But we had to keep all the kids indoors.. Maria rung alittle later and said that Bev and I had to leave after lunch and for me not to come back that day or friday!!! Bev was really funny as we walked down to catch a trolle, we looked down the street and could see lots of students hurling rocks, there was no traffic (VERY UNUSUALL!!!!), Bev wanted to go for a closer look, crazy woman!! We walked with our jumpers over our noses out of the area, eyes streaming!! This would never happen in England!! Mental! Quite exciting though.


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