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Monday, October 11, 2004

My first blog!!

wow! this is exciting! so here is the beginning of the rest of my life blogged here for all to see!

this time in three weeks i will be in fair Quito - haven't a clue what i will have done! probably just rested lots as i get used to being up SOOOO high (9,350 ft. above sea level). few things to get sorted before i go, not least my packing!!! at this moment in time i've got 2 jabs to go and a visa to get - but that's all looking like it's going to go tickety boo! i think it likely i'll have an attack of the nerves the last week i'm at home but at the mo i'm feeling ok about it all! but before then i've got just under 2 weeks left at Redcliffe College - it's gone sooo quickly!
later x


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