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Thursday, July 07, 2005


man, just have to write something!
so when the 3 english lads arrived at remar this morning, they told me, 'there's been bomb attacks in London' what?!! so off they nip to the internet to find out more... my immediate thought was of my brother, i had a peace in my heart that he was ok, but i still wanted to make sure so rung my mum... as i thought of the possibility of my brother dying, my eyes welled up and i was like i couldn't cope with him dying! but then i thought my God is my rock and with him i can cope with anything!! but praise God my brother is fine, though i have yet to hear from my other london friends...
just been reading all the news on the bbc web, man it's so rough! i can't imagine what it must be like for you guys over there, my heart and prayers are with you... i love you all LOTS!!!
i was touched by a comment that Blair said that the majority of muslims are as much in disagreement with what has happened as others... i feel that it is REALLY important that that is said, as i fear greatly that racism against middle eastern/asian people will greatly increase in the UK as a result of this, and that makes my heart 'bleed'...
may the Lord be with you all! xxx


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