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Monday, August 15, 2005

no title! out of creativity

well, hello and welcome to this week's blog... reckon it'll be an even shorter one than last weeks

cards, cards, cards and sore wrists
still working hard on the order of 1000 - don't reckon we're gonna reach it, the 'girls' aren't very enthusiastic, and they're not always on card-making! but we'll see where we get to! i spent alot of my week writing the verses on the bookmarks which left me with a very sore wrist. ' just from writing?' you might say ... but oo noo, don't think i'm feeble, it's a special sort of writing which requires alot of wrist work - intrigued??!!

tati regreso
thursday tati and the family got back from holiday in colombia--- though i didn't see them till friday morning ---and the as ever gorgeous estefania gave me a lovely 'i'm home' present - baby sick down my top!! yeay!!! oo and tati has agreed that i can go during the week at the end of the month on a wee once in a lifetime trip into the jungle... dun, dun, der...

feriado (a.k.a public holiday)
august 10, Independence Day, celebrates Ecuador's first independence uprising which occured in Quito 1809 though was unsuccessful... if any such date falls during the week, the goverment doesn't let people have that day off but they move it to the nearest friday, so friday was 'feriado'... though i actually went in as usual to Remar coz of this big card-order! Maria Augusta just happened to phone up Tati and said to her 'doesn't Joanna know she doesn't have to come in today?' . so friday was work as normal but saturday was more holiday-like -- we spent it at the house of maria augusta having a 'parrillada' (a.k.a. BBQ) and i came to the rather ridiculous conclusion that at these things there is just far too much meat!!!

well that's it, not very exciting i'm afraid--though this week i'm off for 3 days with Remar on a camp which should be fun and interesting (Tati's sort of putting me in charge of the teenage gels from our house! hmmm!!!) well, love to you all!! me xx


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