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Thursday, December 29, 2005

time for some news!!! christmas and shoes

Happy Christmas, Feliz Navidad, and a Happy New Year, un Feliz Ano Nuevo....

oo my it's been quite a while since i was last here!!! to the left is a picture of a severe frost that we had whilst I was at my Latin Link debrief weekend, it was BALTIC!!! but a very good time of rest, reflextion and reuniting...

the picture at the bottom is of a house... the one where i now live in Shiregreen (Sheffield), the council estate known affectionately in my books as 'The Shire', thus conjuring up all kinds of nice, pleasant, and pleasing thoughts of hobbits, rolling countryside, peace and tranquility... which sometimes seems so far from what Shiregreen is like(like when Michal's van windows got smashed in when he was standing right by it on STOMP visits)!!!

so, that little thing called my life... it's so hard to quantify, to explain, but i've been enjoying it!!! Being back in Sheffield is great, and although a job isn't very forthcoming (though watch this space, i am awaiting news!!) time is filled with Shiregreen STOMP (kids club), meeting friends, baking, reading and alsorts - my days are never dull! (well, ok, rarely!)

i feel content in my life, satisfied that i am in the place He wants me, and as ever there are things to grow me and challenge me... and i feel after my year overseas that i am much more up for the challenge, whatever it may be! i have definitely grown alot.
hmm... i'm trying to be thoughtful and deep but i'm not very good at it, as Dave (fellow strider) came to know only so well over the past year when he continually 'fired' all sorts of 'hard' questions at me and was met by a very blank looking face!

oo so that the word shoe in the title isn't just an attempt a rhyme without reason, i must say that i have just bought some new shoes for 'work' which i am very pleased with as they suit my podiatrist's specifications and they aren't dowdy! yeay! i must say it was quite a trial trying to find any that would suitably fit my new orthoses!

well, to all you who have bothered to check out this mariposa on the off chance of an update, well done!!! your faithfulness has been rewarded... and to those who haven't (and hence aren't reading!) more fool them, they knoweth notith on whateth they misseth outith! ha ha
no really, love to all known by me!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 9.40pm


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