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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

oo doesn't time fly!!!

so what have i been up to this last little while? good question... in terms of job stuff, it's not been at all fun! i've applied for lots of jobs but have just not been successful - i'm clinging to the truth He has plans to prosper me! But actually there is sunshine on the horizon -- after Easter i'm hopefully going to be starting as a special needs supply teaching assistant (rather long-winded job title!) for a Sheffield education agengy. In alot of senses it really ISNT what i want to be doing but i've come to the conclusion it'll be good experience and will give me some much needed cash so it can't be all bad!

at end of february tim and i went down to London for the annual SPEAK gathering which always involves a day of action round parliament...
SPEAK article

This is us on parliament square , getting ready to do some symbolic actions! In the afternoon we attempted to meet with our MPs, but mine was nowhere to be found! grr!!! it was a good day though, and it was really good to do something practical!

Oo this next picture was taken at the beginning of march - would you believe how long that icicle is?!!!!! crazy... we went for a walk for a friend's birthday and it was absolutely freezing, and the top of the hill was COMPLETELY caked in snow, REALLY deep in places, which was quite amusing as suddenly you'd lose a foot in height and the snow caved in underneath your feet!! hee hee. the snow this year i do feel has been completely ridiculous , there was even a few minutes of it yesterday though it didn't settle...
The next two pictures show Tim before and after his 'Kut or Keep' to raise funds for HopeHIV, such a worthy cause to make such drastic action for! Originally there had been a third option of dreds but i veto-ed that! So this is how my fella looks now, well actually the hair has grown quite a bit since then as 'The Kut' happened almost 3 weeks ago!
right well, it's dinner time, my stomach;s feeling empty, so i should think about doing some cooking!!! chao!


Blogger Lou said...

hello sweetie

wow its seems to have been ages, you seem well!! i've finally got my blog up and running which is fantastically pink! lol

The Lord is gd, and he has got great plans for you! i shall pray 4 you x

1:45 AM


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