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Thursday, May 11, 2006

being a bridesmaid for the first time!!!

So i had the priveledge of being the then Miss Liz Tyler's chief bridesmaid on saturday!! I've never been a bridesmaid in my life before, so i was very excited!!! (As a child I'd pinned my hopes on my uncle getting married to his partner but he never did!) Talking of being excited, i remember being quite over come with emotion when Liz asked me when she rang me a little while after i got back on Bristish soil!
The first photo shows Pete Brown (the best man), Liz and Matt Wisbey and me as we signed the register! oo i'm an official witness to their marriage!!!

This next photo is them outside the church, covered in the traditional confetti, then just below is Tim and I at the evening reception.
It was such a lovely day, and it all went well, the weather even held out for most of it! Liz looked gorgeous, radiant in her beauty and i feel i did a very successful job in keeping her calm and collected, and nothing went wrong, so well done me!!! But i really couldn't believe how utterly exhausted i felt on sunday, i was like a zombie for most of the day!

Not much in the way of other news, life in the Shire has it's ups and downs, as does 'work life' as i STILL await my CRB to start my 'proper' job... i am trying to be content and trust but every so often doubt and worry poke me. When i have it, i am really enjoying the special needs teaching assistant work, but there's really not much of it! oo starting to feel waffling coming along, so i shall make a quick exit so as not to bore you!
take care one and all!
love me xxx


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