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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

At last, some news!! The big day!!

After such a long blogger absence, rather than waffling on about all the stuff that's happened since last august (!!!!), I'll just dive straight in to the most exciting stuff!

The biggest news of recent months is I got married! On the 10th Feb at 1.30pm at St Thomas' Church Philadelphia, Sheffield, I became Mrs Blundell Jones....

First is the snow!!! this was how Sheffield was the night before our wedding!!! absolutely crazy! I must admit I was panicking slightly though everything turned out all right in the end. At one point it looked like I was 3 bridesmaids down as they couldn't get to where we were getting ready, and Tim's parents were stranded in their village! The snow had closed the Grindleford roads but luckily (!!!) they live very close to the train station so could hop on a train! Good job Tim had decided to stay with one of his best men rather than his parents!!! Or it could've been serious!!

Almost ready!

And my gorgeous bridesmaids prepared for the weather! Why oh why did we chose february to get married?! hee hee

Setting off to the church!!! All very exciting!!! We managed to arrive early. I had wanted to be traditionally late but alas it seemed we were too organised!! or we needn't have rushed so much to get ready! Mind you we did start at 7.30am!!!!

Mr and Mrs Blundell Jones leaving the church!!! very happy!

It was a fab ceremony, thanks to loads of wonderful friends and family helped out in sooo many ways and made it extra special. The best bits of the ceremony, other than the getting married bit were my old gospel choir singing 'Lovely Day' and singing a spanish song by Danilo Montero 'Cantare de tu amor', keeping it real with gospel and latin american -ness!!! It was soo wonderful to have soo many people sharing in our big day, so many friends and family from all over the shop! We loved every minute of it, though I was just alittle sad I didn't get to spend quality time with people, barely a hug and a hello with most! Any ho, that's to be expected!

Cutting of the cake!!! and the queen of goofy faces strikes again!!!

The reception was fun too (with an Ecuadorian themed menu!!! oh yes!), unfortunately my brothers jazz trio couldn't play coz the guitarist got stuck at the watford gap with his car unable to go over 40miles an hour! And apparently more gutting was my mum had prepared a song to sing with them!! So that dream wasn't realised, but i think we did pretty well at realizing our dream of making everything as ethical as possible from the wedding cake (my mum made a superbly delicious fruit cake, and a Chichester organic coffee shop did the carrot cake and chocolate cake), to the dresses (organic silk -very little sweatshop labour as they were made by us! me, mum, charlotte, emmie and even tim!), to the invites (fairtrade recycled handmade paper), the order of ceremonies (fsc paper/card) and the jewellry (big woo woo to people tree and achkiy for fab designs!) etc.... oo and my other big dream, was to make my wedding dress, which i did, with a little (!!) help from my mum when i got too stressed and behind to do it all!

And a little bit of salsa!!!

We'd worked quite hard getting a routine together, shame i couldn't have practised it in my dress, coz i spent most of the time looking and my feet, worrying that i was going to trip over my dress!!! But everyone seemed pretty impressed!! Dancing salsa has been something I've 'always' wanted to do at my wedding, another dream come true!!!

Last but not least we come to the two families now united!

I shall endeavour to put up a few honeymoon photos soon and update on life as it is now!