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Friday, November 11, 2005


well hallo there!!! it's been awhile my dear friends!! i wonder if any of you have been faithfully loggin on to see if there's been anything new!!

so, i've been home quite a while now, and it's been kind of quietly manic! it's good to be home, i've not had a difficult time really, only thing has been getting my bodyclock into swing which has actually been tough, had 2 weeks of RUBBISH sleep (did i?) plus flu-y cold leaving me quite literally EXHAUSTED and at the end of my tether! but culturally i've 'slipped right back in'... though hopefully not totally, and actually i think i've bought a whole load of stuff back with me -- one of my bestest chums in the world said to me the other day that i'm alot more open and confident, latin trait i feel-- i wonder what other things people will notice?? interesting!!

i've yet to REALLY process all the changes, and i'm on the eve of a great big new one!!!
I'm about to move back up to Sheffield to a new house + housemates, new area, and (hopefully) a new job! I'm moving into a council estate where with my church we've been doing a kids club - it's not a particularly nice neighbourhood, and one could probably say its less safe than where i was living in Quito - go figure!! but it's cool and exciting, if slightly nerve-racking!!

so here's to the next stage of my life, exciting but the hard slog known as 'finding a job' is not such an enticing prospect!! here goes!! man it's 8pm and i have NO packing done yet!! aahhh!!! :)